Concrete Sealing & Concrete Sealants
Concrete takes a lot of punishment. Whether itís oil dripping onto your driveway or water seeping into your patio, concrete has a way of going unnoticed until itís time for it to be replaced. With the high cost of concrete and labor, replacing a simple concrete patio will cost thousands of dollars.

Permanent Sealant Solutions has been treating & sealing concrete with specialized products for years. From weather proofing, water repelling, to preventing radon & methane emissions, we offer several types of amazing concrete products - a single application of concrete sealer by PSS will guarantee your concrete looks great for a minimum of 50 years, as well as protect you and your environment.


And the services of PSS are not simply limited to conventional concrete. Permanent Sealant Solutions can take and revitalize your stamped concrete with the option to change color or revitalize existing color. If your looking for a new wetlook consider SealRite Guard. Conventional Wet Look uses a Sylene based product, which ultimately fogs or spots stamped concrete. Providing greater penetration, SealRite Guard uses Lithium to  eliminate spotting, fogging, and lasts up to three to five times longer as compared to conventional Wet Looks.

PSS products donít simply seal concrete, they actually make the concrete harder and denser. For instance, this means a single application of SealRite will make your concrete immune to the elements for the life of the concrete. The results are truly amazing.

If you are ready to make your concrete or natural stone look terrific now and for years to come, then contact the experts at Permanent Sealant Solutions. The SealRite process includes your choice of a  flat, satin, or wet appearance.  We will help you choose the right product that works best for you. Put your trust in PSS.

Concrete + Magnesium Chloride + Freezing & Thawing
= Chemical Reaction, Spalling and Deterioration

Concrete + SealRite =
Magnesium & Water
Repellant + Hardening and Densification
For professional grade concrete sealants, repellants,
& brighteners, contact the experts at
Permanent Sealant Solutions.

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